Monday, July 27, 2009

Modeling: Learning how to write

Hi everyone, its Carol again!
This week for modeling, we focused mainly on writing up several ways to characterize the AI-2 signaling system. The characterization methods that we decided to explore are the following:
1. Static Performance
2. Dynamic Response
3. Response Time
4. Robustness
The robustness part of characterizing the system would be the most interesting. The degree of robustness depends on how sensitive the system is to fluctuations and changes. If this part of the signaling system can be explored in more detail, it will be an advantageous component to our project. We spent the past week summarizing this in paper format. I am currently working on a promoter library, which will play a huge role in exploring the expression of luxPQ. Once the circuits are done, some of these experiments can be done in a few days. We will hopefully by the end this summer have some characterization done. Stay tuned! Signing off now, peace!

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