Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jamie + Synthetic Biology + Blogging = Jamie on Youtube

So I decided to be lazy and outdo everyone on my team by doing some snazzy Web 2.0 related thing: VIDEO BLOGGING!!!!!

Amazing stuff.

One downfall of video blogging is it is HARD to edit stuff out. :( And after reading everyone else's blog post and realizing I forgot to introduce myself OUTSIDE of iGEM (do I even exist???) and being to lazy to re-record anything I will include the following disclosure:

Jamie enjoys doing iGEM from 9-5 Monday to Fridays. Sometime 10-6, dependent on how late I sleep in :D

I will include my extracurriculars next week (I will have had enough time by then to think of at least two extracurriculars so I do not look like a complete loser).

Anyways, enjoy the video.

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