Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jeremy Kubik Wrestles With LuxPQ LIVE!

My name is Jeremy Kubik and I am part of iGEM Calgary’s wet lab and marketing team. This is my first time participating in iGEM and I am having a great time working with the other students on this awesome team. Outside of the lab, I enjoy competitive sports, all the way from swimming with the Varsity team at the U of C to ripping it up on the streets of Calgary for a little hockey action. I also enjoy long walks on the beach, sunrises and fine wines.

Within the lab, I am taking care of part of the signaling circuit. Our overall project is to create a Quorum Sensing (QS) system with the signaling molecule autoinducer-II (AI-2) as the input to the system. My collaboration with Jamie will eventually lead to the construction of a circuit with the genes LuxPQ and LuxOU, all of which code for important proteins with respect to the transmitting the AI-2 to induce a specified response (which was recently decided to be a protein output that degrades biofilms!). So where am I as of today? Stuck. Well, not really stuck, but I have had some difficulties with LuxPQ. The part is verified to be in the TOPO vector and to have a length of 3.8kb, and I have had quite some trouble simply cloning LuxPQ into a BioBrick Vector (psB1AC3). I performed a construction last week and finally got some colonies, of which I ran a colony PCR, isolated plasmid, and have sent plasmids of two colonies down to sequencing. I will find out in a few hours whether LuxPQ has been successfully cloned into the BioBrick vector. If it is, I can begin construction with Jamie’s circuit (LuxOU with promoter and terminators). If it has not been successfully cloned, it is back to the drawing board: trying different conditions to transfer LuxPQ from TOPO vector into a BioBrick vector.

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