Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How Negative Controls Became Positive

Hi, I'm Emily and I’m going into second year Biomedical Sciences. When I’m not fighting with my LuxOD47E gene, I’m usually highland dancing or playing the Oboe. In the lab, I’m in charge of the mutant LuxOD47E circuit This week I am excited to say that sequencing has confirmed that I've finally biobricked my gene of interest, LuxOD47E. Yay! This has taken a lot longer than anticipated due to several negative control contamination issues (negative controls are not my friends) and a battle with strange reappearing bands in restriction digest and PCR products. Nevertheless, this gene is now biobricked and it is on to the construction of my circuit! This week I will be trying to get the J13002 promoter in front of LuxOD47E as well as the BOO15 terminator behind. I’ll be doing this through restriction digest with EcoRI, XbaI and SpeI followed by an awful lot of verification. Maybe, just maybe I’ll see some clean negative controls! If this is successful, my circuit should be completed and sequenced by Monday!

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