Thursday, July 30, 2009

P.M back in da House!!

Hey guys,

I’m Prima and I’m back on the show again!! This has been a very successful week for iGEM Calgary. I’d like to specially thank VWR and Corning Life Sciences for sponsoring our project. Both of these generous contributors have been recognized under the Bronze category of our sponsors.

The marketing team also finished, edited and began to distribute the July newsletter to all companies. This newsletter highlights the achievements and progress of iGEM Calgary for the month of July. Aside from that, Jamie, Fahd, Jeremy and I are slaving away with our hard core marketing responsibilities! We followed up with numerous companies who are considering our sponsorship package, set up meetings and thanked all other companies for considering our project.

We have an exciting week coming up as the team prepares for its next ultimate fundraising project: iGEM Bake sale trinity! This time we’ll come prepared with double the treats, triple the advertisements and of course 15 talented iGEMers to make Wednesday August 5th a once in a life time event!! Come devour the ambrosia!!! We have high expectations for next week and if all else goes well, iGEM Calgary will celebrate with a end of the year team get together. That’s about it! Peace out!

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