Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kevin Loves Rainbows

I, Kevin Shin, being a nice individual, am also involved in wet lab part of our team. Carol and I are responsible for our Reporter circuit, which involves Qrr4 promoter and LuxCDABE gene. As of now, I have completed verifying and glycerol stocking last year’s Pqrr4 part, and am waiting for LuxCDABE part (which is much longer, meaning harder to work with) to be done.

While waiting, I am conducting an exciting side project involving a variety of FLUORESCENT proteins!!(and dry ice...) Woot! Although I am really disappointed at not being able to gain access to purple, orange, and blue fluorescent proteins, we have secured a supply of red, green, yellow, and cyan for me to have fun with. Today, I will be transforming plasmids with these genes in them and by tomorrow, I should be able to draw some bacterial pictures! We will keep you posted on those glowing masterpieces.

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