Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some musings from mutant-circuit-world

The last few days have been flavoured by a plethora of successes, not-quite-successes, and other incidences of interest and amusement.

THE GOOD: Jamie has usurped the throne of AI-2 Circuitland. With a complete and properly-sequenced LuxOU component of the circuit, complete with the necessary promoter and terminator sequences, Jamie gets to sit back, chillax and admire his work as he helps the rest of the lab group complete their work. Congrats, Jamie, and B0015-R0040-LuxOU-B0015 FTW!

THE BAD: Negative controls FTL! Emily and Vicki have both been plagued by unsightly bands in the negative control lane, despite using new and purportedly uncontaminated equipment in their PCRs and restriction digests every time. Of particular bamboozlement, Vicki’s negative control in her latest colony PCR had a band at 1kb that did not appear anywhere else in the gel. Nevertheless, the two will continue to move forward with their experiments. The sequencing results of Vicki’s LuxOD47A BBk circuit showed that she does indeed have the proper product present. And Emily is set to conquer the colony PCR, so hopefully we’ll see the awesome results of that at the end of the day.

THE UGLY: Vicki spat into a K-laced plate and placed it in the incubator to see what would happen. She was most disappointed to see that the plate was cleaner when she returned than when she first left it there. She’ll try again with a plate free of antibiotics next week. Results to come!

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