Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lab: Some Progress Finally!!!

Hi Everyone! Thanks for reading our lab blog once again! Just a quick lab update for all you readers this week. Emily has finally completed her mutant circuit for
luxOD47E. Congrats to her! Jeremy and Jamie are currently working on several things right now. First, they finally performed a plasmid switch from pSB1AK3 to pSB1AC3 for luxPQOU. Now that they have successfully switched plasmids, they will be constructing luxPQOU into pCS26 (surette vector) by cutting with NotI enzyme. Finally, they are working on verifying cllamda. Unfortunately, after many enzyme digestions, they are unable to verify that the sequence is in the vector. They are currently trying again and hopefully will get results later this week. Kevin is working on the reporter circuit and he is verifying that circuit today with restriction enzymes. He is going to look into how to test the mutant circuits this week as well. Finally I am still stuck with the sigma 70 promoter. Unfortunately, I am still unable to get any colonies. We are currently looking at other ways to optimize the results. Hopefully, I'll have better results to report next week! Thanks for reading!

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