Thursday, August 20, 2009

FM 707.1 Marketing Update for the Week of August 17th 2009

Hello everyone,
My name is Fahd Mirza and you are reading my FM 707.1 marketing update for the week of August 17th. This week was rather slow for marketing because our marketing team was either busy with lab or ethics work. However we still managed to get a lot of stuff done for marketing,
1) Last Thursday, we were interviewed by the CJSW 90.9 Radio station. CJSW is the University of Calgary Community Radio station whose aim is to promote the activities of the University of Calgary students in Calgary and surrounding areas. We were interviewed by Joe Burima, who is the current program director for CJSW. On behalf of the University of Calgary iGEM team, we would like to sincerely thank CJSW for their support to iGEM and hope that they would continue to support our team in the future.
2) This week, Prima and I continued to contact Syn-Bio and Oil & Gas Companies for potential sponsorship/partnership. We hope to wrap up the sponsorship agenda by the end of August.
3) The biggest news of this week is that we have surpassed the amount of funds that we needed for this year. All the funds generated from now on will be contributed towards our next year’s iGEM fund for recruitment and other purposes.
4) We have also been working on our August newsletter which will be out soon.

We have also been working on our August newsletter which will be out soon. Also Prima has contacted the company that will be responsible for making our University of Calgary 2009 iGEM team shirts. We will also be working on attracting the media’s attention for our aGEM and iGEM jamborees.

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