Thursday, August 20, 2009

Labbing it up!

Hello virtual world of synthetic biologists, engineers and the rest of the cool kids floating around in cyber space!

Jamie is back with a short and sweet update from the lab side of things.

This past week Emily (with a little Vicki-probably about 0.1 of her to be exact) alongside with Kevin proceeded to test the reporter circuit with the mutant circuits. This involved a quick plasmid switch of the mutant Vicki, I mean OD47A into psB1AC3 simply due to antibiotic resistance and selection pressure. Overnights were grown and tested in the plate reader Synergy HT.

Jeremy and myself (Jeremy did most if not all of the pipetting; I might have plated one or two transformations here and there) just finished up the signalling pathway in pCS26. Sequencing results were analyzed with tools available over at (i.e. BLAST) and the signalling cascade is now officially completed with glycerol stocks, plasmid DNA and restreaks ready to go!

I (sort of) lied when I said the luxPQ-luxOU construct was done. Just a tad. Carol's project involving the synthetic sigma70 promoter is currently on hold as not only is Carol off in Vancouver on a well deserved holiday but new primers need to be made with the degenerate bases. We hope to resume progress on this after next week.

Meanwhile, I myself am fiddling around with mineral oil, plate reader, 96 well microplates,Vibrio harveyiSalmonella typhimurium, Escherichia coli, centrifuges in hopes of isolating AI-2. Please note this is all done without the handy dandiness of multi-channel pipettes or access to a VICTOR; nevertheless learning to pipette effectively and how to calibrate a different model of plate is useful and exciting!

Without further ado, on behalf of the lab team I will like to sign off (not permanently though ;) - can't get rid of us THAT easily) for the summer. Thank you everyone for following us throughout the sunny (and rainy) summer days and I look forward to blogging again once the school year rolls around. So until next next week a.k.a. September, see you later :D!

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